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Alpha Volunteer Tasks 


Set up Team

Light candles
Cut up bread or check if any heating/preparation of any accompaniment is needed
Prepare jugs of Water and Cordial – one each per table
Set extra place settings with chairs at existing tables if extras arrive
Set out hot drinks orders sheets and pen – one per table
During evening – do not enter kitchen but hand out ice creams and coffees from serving table by Kitchen
Discussion leaders should clear or ask someone to clear dirty dishes and cutlery

Welcome Team

Ensure Lighting and sound are on
Set up a Registration table with computer register and name labels
Turn on the plate warming drawer
Make hot drinks

Set down

Clear Tables
Retain 30 chairs to the side of the hall to be reused and stack others in the Kitchen corridor
Spray any stains on tablecloths and remove
Dismantle and store the large tables in the front hall storage area
Set up 5 small tables along the left-hand side length of the hall from the entrance door to the stage
Place small clean tablecloths (usually on stage) on tables
Place 6 chairs around each table
Place 6 glasses face down on table
Help in Kitchen if required