Christ Church is a charitable trust registered number 1040815.
Christ Church believes that the way that we handle money reflects our true values and what we really believe about eternity and eternal values.
We feel that often the Church has a negative reputation when it comes to money. We seek to dispel that: we do not ask visitors for money but rather seek to bless them by ministering to their spiritual needs and trust that God will provide for the expenditure that the Church has, from the generous giving of his people.
We have no full time salaried employees.  Most leaders and members serve without any remuneration and we cherish this aspect of our Church.  We take our lead from the early Church where the Christians lived as a community based on mutual love and service.
We do not take up offerings apart from on specified occasions and for specified needs; generally speaking overseas missions or for the poor.

The Church is financed entirely by the regular giving of its members.  Leaders give to the Church rather than expect to be paid by it.

We encourage members who wish to serve the Kingdom of God on a full or part time basis and who cannot afford to do so without additional income to live by faith.  Members who take this step bring their need before the Church and others are asked prayerfully to consider whether to provide financial support.
We also provide internships and scholarships to young people who are developing their ministry and gifting and need a modest amount of financial support to devote sufficient time to this end.