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Ministry Team


Neil Lee

Pastor and Trustee

Neil has been with Christ Church since he first came to the Church in 1994.  Although he became a Christian at the age of 18 he had fallen away from Jesus and only came back to Christ after hearing the gospel at Christ Church.  He was then baptised and married his fiancee Samantha in 1995.  

Neil does not draw a salary from the church but works in the software industry to support himself and his family.  

Neil lives in Lillington with his wife Samantha. He has four grown-up children, Jessica, Isaac, Sarah, and Danielle.

Paul Downes

Strategy and Finance

Paul moved to Leamington in 1994 to plant Christ Church.  

Paul now heads strategy and finance within the Church and looks to help in training and developing young leaders.  

Paul lives in Lillington with his wife, Judith. They have three grown up children, Charles, Laura and James.

James Tomison

Assistant Pastor and Alpha

James originally moved to Leamington in 2012 working for National Grid, after studying at Durham University.

James heads up the Church’s Alpha program through which he met his wife Hannah in 2016. They have two daughters Amelia and Elizabeth.

Ben and Hannah Jacobs

Assistant Pastor, Genexis UK and Music and Youth Work

Ben is from Southampton moved to Leamington in 2011 as an intern in the Church. He met Hannah while working for Christ Church and they married in 2015.

Ben leads Genexis UK whilst Hannah works in education with vulnerable young people.

Ben and Hannah run the youth housegroup on a Tuesday evening.

Samantha Lee

Envision, Ladies Ministry and mainly music

Samantha came to Christ Church in 1994 with her then fiancee Neil. Samantha and Neil were baptised at the same time in the Gospel Hall which stood at the site where Christ Church now worship.  

Samantha leads the mainly music ministry for preschool children and their parents/carers on Tuesday mornings.